Board of directors

International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies

Decision-making committee of the IZKT

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bauer | Chair of the Board
Institute of History, Department for the History of the Impact of Technology

Prof. Dr. Franz Brümmer
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomolecular Systems

Prof. Dr. Torsten Hoffmann
Institute of Literatury Studies, Modern German Literature II

Prof. Dr. Cordula Kropp
Institute for Social Sciences, Sociology of Technology, Risk and Environment

Prof. Dr. Philip Leistner
Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics

Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley
Institute of Urban Planning and Design, International Urbanism

Prof. Martin Ostermann
Building Technology, Construction and Design, Chair 2

Prof. Dr. Michael Sedlmair
Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems, Augmented Reality und Virtual Reality

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