International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies

The IZKT: Dialogue and Transfer of Knowledge

The IZKT connects research at the interface of culture and technology and offers a forum for inter- and transdisciplinary as well as international exchange.


I. Future Issues – Culture and Technology Forum

The Culture and Technology Forum is devoted to the interplay of cultural formations and technological innovations.

Due to the focus on future issues, the use of integrative research and transdisciplinary dialogue is required: Challenges such as globalization and social transformation, digitalization as well as artificial intelligence, climate change and sustainability are put up for discussion.

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II. Urban Transformation – Civil Society and Sustainability Forum

This program area pursues the objective to foster the transfer of knowledge and the dialogue between urban society and the university. A particular focus lies on a reflexive contribution to the transformation of urban environments to sustainable patterns.

In this process, novel and innovative methods and designs of research and teaching are proven and reflected, such as “Real-World Laboratories”, transdisciplinary workshops, transfer of knowledge projects and participative dialogue initiatives.

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III. Europe in Transformation – France Forum

Bi- and multinational projects focusing on France and Germany are engaging in the current challenges of European integration.

Roundtable discussions, series of lectures and post graduate programs address political, cultural and social factors and interdependences in the field of Franco-German and pan-European relations.

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