Workshop: The Future of Deliberative Democracy

2. Juli 2018

Zeit: 02. – 03. Juli 2018
Veranstaltungsort: Universität Stuttgart
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Deliberative democracy has been the main game in contemporary political theory for two decades and has grown enormously in size and importance in political science and many other disciplines. Yet, the world at large appears to be moving in some disconcerting anti-deliberative directions. Post-truth politics is the antithesis of deliberative democracy and we see in some quarters levels of political polarization that signal inabilities to listen to the other side. Based on the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy (eds. André Bächtiger, John S. Dryzek, Jane Mansbridge and Mark Warren), this workshop sketches future avenues for deliberative practice and research. The workshop is organized around three themes: 
(1) the mapping of deliberation in a democratic system, focusing on the evolution of the deliberative paradigm in the past thirty years, its ´opening up´ toward ´alternative forms of communication´ (such as narratives, rhetorics, and bargaining) and remaining tensions between deliberative and democratic ideals; 
(2)  the goals of deliberation with a specific focus on its epistemic dimensions; 
(3) the links between deliberation and one of its main contenders in the analysis of political communication, ´framing´. 

With Simone Chambers (University of California, Irvine), John S. Dryzek (University of Canberra), Hélène Landemore (Yale University), Jane Mansbridge (Harvard University), Maija Setälä (University of Turku), Rune Slothuus (Aarhus University).

Monday, July 2 2018

Institut für Navigation 
Universität Stuttgart
Breitscheidstraße 2
4. OG, Raum 4/6 Navigatoren Besprechungsraum 


John S. Dryzek, Jane Mansbridge, Simone Chambers, André Bächtiger 
Conceptualizing and Mapping Deliberation: Historical Developments, Re-Definitions, Challenges

Coffee Break

Hélène Landemore, Simone Chambers
Epistemic Dimensions in Deliberative Democracy

Short Break

Rune Slothuus 
Framing and Deliberation

Teilnahme am 2. Juli nur mit Anmeldung (begrenzte Plätze)

Tuesday, July 3 2018

Universität Stuttgart
Breitscheidstraße 2
Raum 2.1

Public Lecture
John S. Dryzek 
A deliberative response to the crisis of democracy

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